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I caught your show at the Tower with Horse Feathers. Absolutely amazing. You have an incredible sound.
Aloha from Hawaii, I saw you play a number of times in Bend during 2008 and 9. Everytime I saw you sounded great! Beautiful! Keep on keepin' on....
My wife and I are just back from your show at McMenamins. We enjoyed it VERY much. Hope we can catch your St. Patrick's Day show as well!
Gosh! I bought your album tonight and I'm playing it constantly. You have real talent. I love your voice, you use it well. The backing is excellent.. really soulful stuff.. up there with Bon Iver. Thanks Laurel.. you've got an Irish fan.. and I'm spreading the word...
Hi There Laurel!! Just listening to your music, bringing me right back to Global Village!!!!!!!
hey. come to sweden. please.
Really nice to meeting you on the bus to the Christchurch airport and I enjoyed our chat. I listened to some of your music and you are Exceptional. thanks for sharing, I will share it with my granddaughter Millie Happy travels Paul
Hey! I hope you had a good day on your bikes after Punakaiki. Nice meeting you. Hugs. Eno from Denmark.
We saw you play at the red door in New hampshire three years ago. We live in tahoe now, but decided today to look you up, since we still listen to your cd we purchased that night. We were delighted to see that you are in Oregon! Congrats!
Love your improved site. Just love the way you sing. It sure is a cure for the blues, no doubt. Want to see you perform again. You were missed very much. Very nice talent you have there for music. Would love to get another CD from you, autographed. Take care and well done.
im a friend of Audrey Drake...i saw you and her play in NH and you need to come back so we can see you again!!!
Wow!!! What talent...... Great website and love your music.
Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!
Incredible site!
i love this site :)
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Outstanding photography throughout your site, thanks for performing within our local area.
hey . i sorta share the same name as you . that's kinda cool :]
Laurel! Hope you're doing well and playing a Bend? Come to Portland and play, I'd love to see you and catch up. Almost sold my fiddle....but Anna stopped me :)
saw you play at the red door last night, great show. Got a cd and you are just as good live. good luck on the rest of your tour.
Hi Laurel, Nice homepage, new and improved. This site is much better. I can tell it has your touch, a gift you have for designs. You do know me and I should be on your list. Love your music and your singing. Nice voice and especially every time you hit that high note, everything goes north. Cute pics too. Take care Laurel, miss ya.
Hello Laurel, thanks for the 7 & 7, enjoyed the music. Let me know if you've got too I don't have the mine for the time being oxycontin is really but if you need to know any thing else about your new car let me know..hasta rasta, Jw
Hi Laurel, We really enjoyed your performance at The Summit Saloon and Stage in Bend and are continuing to enjoy your cd Closed for the Season. We were celebrating our 10 yr anniversary and you made it really memorable.
Just stumbled here from Jonas Lerman's site -- glad to see you're still at it. You've always had a gorgeous voice (to go along with your stellar beauty). Swimming still bounces around my playlists -- I'm eager to hear more of your current music.
Hi Laurel- Your music is amazing! We went to Gilford High together more than a decade ago. It's great to see your dreams have come true!
Laurel- You are the bomb! i got your third full-length album a few weeks ago and have been listening ever since. it's great to see how far you have come in such a short while! Three outstanding albums in about 6 years. Very prolific. Take it easy.
I just downloaded "I hope you don't fall in love with me". You have such a unique and beautiful voice. That song is so sad. I hope I can catch you on tour sometime. Please let me know if you are touring anywhere near Dallas. Take care
Hey Laurel: The new website looks great! I'm going to hop on later and buy your first CD, the only one I don't have. I can still recall how the opening strains of "Backroads" captivated the Red Door crowd last February in Portsmouth. You're awesome!
Hi Laurel! You are fantastic! Your music draws me in...wanting more. So nice to see you last night at Parilla...looking forward to Silver Moon...and more!!! Great website...beautiful music. You are SO TALENTED!!!!!
Love all your music and your pics are great!
very good , useful site
I saw you at the Folk Festival in Portsmouth early this year and fell in love with your sound. I can't find your lyrics anywhere. I'd love to read them! Keep it up!
I dig your sound Laurel. Keep it up and NEVER stop touring. Live Free And Create! -Leif James
Laurel- I highly doubt you will remember me but when I was a teenager I used to babysit you (and Hardy) when you lived up on the little hill off West Side road in Conway NH. I loved the way your house smelled. Very natural and earthy. And your parents had a killer record collection that I thoroughly enjoyed thumbing through as soon as their car left the driveway. You were both a beautiful child and an easy child to babysit. Most baby's skin is soft but I remember your skin had this most amazing color to it. Like coffee with a lot of cream in it. You had a wonderful Golden Retriever that used to share his time down the street at my parents house. I sorta kinda have this memory near the end of my time watching over you that your Mom and Dad had another baby. A sister maybe? Not too clear about that one. Please tell them hello from me. I live in St. Johnsbury VT now with my husband and two kids. I have a great group of girlfriends that I graduated Kennett (1983) with and we were just in the valley for our 6th annual "Valley Girls Weekend". I wish you the best Laurel. I listened to a song on your myspace spot and enjoyed it. Will be purchasing a CD soon just so when you get super famous I can say... "I used to babysit her". :0) Be well. XO Laurie
I like your new design. And the new photos are really gorgeous. Hope you will be touring Europe soon :-)
The new website looks great!
Hope you're doing ok. I'm still enjoying all 3 CDs. I still remember how you opened with a cover of "Rain & Snow" at Prescott Park. I thought that was cool. I have that on a CD by Pauline Scanlon. Dave